Solar Hot Water & Radiant Floor Heating

Solar Hot Water panel

Shower Yourself With Savings

Solar hot water is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to go solar for businesses. It is also the most cost effective water heating system available.

How does it work?

We design and recommend several different types of solar hot water systems. However, the most common system we install is an active closed loop system, as it is generally the most practical and cost effective in Arizona.  

Closed loop means that the system uses a heat-transfer fluid (a food grade glycol mixture) to collect the heat from the sun. Being an active system means that electrical pumps, valves and controllers are used to circulate the heat-transfer fluid throughout the system.  

The food-grade glycol mixture is transported from the solar collector into the sealed piping of a heat exchanger, which is located on a storage tank surrounded by water. This way the water absorbs the heat from the glycol without ever touching it. Then the hot water is pumped into your house for use.

What happens on cloudy days?

The solar hot water systems we install always have a backup heating source. Cold temperatures will never mean cold showers. 

What about freeze damage?

Active close loop systems are immune to freeze damage because of the food-grade glycol (anti-freeze) mixture used in them. 

Other Types of Hot Water Systems 

We also install other types of solar water heating systems depending on the needs of each client. In the end, your budget, site considerations, and how often it gets below freezing at night in your area of Arizona will dictate the specific design we recommend. Beware of the company that professes more that one type of system is best for all situations.  


A solar hot water system is one way all Arizona families and businesses can reduce conventional water heating costs while helping the environment.  Solar hot water systems can reduce your water heating energy costs by 60 to 80 percent or more.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), a typical homeowner relying on electricity to heat water could save up to $500 a year by installing a solar water heating system. Due to rising electricity rates, these savings will only increase over time. 

Overall, these systems pay for themselves in about three to ten years, depending on your hot water usage. That is a 10 to 30 percent return on investment, and quite simply, a great deal. 


We install many kinds of solar hot water systems and are not beholden to any one manufacturer. We customize every system to best fit the needs of each client.  

How To Proceed

If you are interested in learning more about solar hot water or radiant floor heating and how it can benefit you or your business, please contacts us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then consult with you and do an analysis of your property to determine the best solar hot water option for you.  

Once the design of the system is complete, we coordinate the installation process and take care of acquiring all the necessary permits. Finally, once everything is completed we will coordinate all the required inspections. All you have to do is enjoy the hot water and savings.